[casual_games] Definition of Casual Games

Malcolm Michaels mmichaels at intermix.com
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If a casual game doesn't require time commitments, then I see games like
Counter-Strike, Grand Theft Auto and SimCity/The Sims as casual games.
And I think it makes sense to lump Bejeweled and Zuma with the above games,
because users can play these games for five minutes or for five hours.
Personally, I love using the CS, GTA and Sims model for developing "casual
games" that are published online.


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I would call a casual game something that doesn't require commitment. Many
games these days are so intense that they require hours and hours, or are so
entrancing that people will spend hours and hours on them. Casual games
don't require this. While some may entrance people for long periods of time,
they don't require people to devote part of their life to it. They can play
some, leave, and then come back and play again. Games light in plot, like
puzzle games and many online quick games could be put in this category,
while many MMO's, like MMORPG's and many roleplaying games in general would
probably require more of a commitment.

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