[casual_games] Procedural rendering - again

Alex Saveliev alex at j2k-codec.com
Tue Jan 10 10:37:07 EST 2006

Hello Phil,

Tuesday, January 10, 2006, 6:08:53 PM, you wrote:

PS> I used the ImageReady component within Photoshop for regular JPEG 
PS> compression (initially I was using ImageMagick, but I found ImageReady
PS> superior).  For JPEG 2000, I was using some Photoshop plug-in - the first
PS> one in the google list, I guess.

Well, hard to tell anything specific here... :)

The general rule of thumb when using JPEG2000 is - do not use
any extras if you don't really need them. The standard is rather
overloaded with features (the committee tried to please everyone :)
so these extras can add some overhead.

You should not use tiles in J2K - most of the old JPEG artifacts were
the tiling artifacts (as you know, JPEG compresses images as 8x8
tiles and ignores anything that's beyond, creating discontinuities).

Don't use JP2 file format if you don't use alpha (one of the major
reasons to use JPEG2000 instead of the old JPEG :) - use J2K instead.

Make sure the compression is not Lossless (unless intended).

And so on :)

P.S. If anyone here wants to test JPEG2000 compression on his typical
images - I will be glad to help. Just send the original to me (not
huge, please :) and I'll compress it into several J2K/JP2 and JPG
files and send you back.

mailto:alex at j2k-codec.com

JPEG2000 is not limited to backgrounds only. I store sprite animations
with full alpha channel in JP2 files. Works perfect compared to
uncompressed raw files...

Best regards,
 Alex                            mailto:alex at j2k-codec.com

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