[casual_games] What to expect from a publisher

Tim Turner tturner at cmpgames.com
Tue Jan 10 22:38:58 EST 2006

A publisher will almost certainly negotiate a better deal with the portal
than you will.  AND they will do additional marketing.  AND they will push
your game to more venues than you will likely do on your own
  But they will
also take a slice of the pie.


With a publisher you get a smaller slice of a bigger pie.


As you ask around you might hear some “its getting harder and harder to get
your game placed on the portals” and while I don’t have specific experience
to the contrary I’ve spoken with several of the portals recently and they
were all eager to talk.  YMMV






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Hi Miguel,


My opinion on why the developers would do so is for marketing and branding. 

John Tan 
Hatchlings Games Studio 


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Hello all,


it's been very informative to read up on all the insightful email exchange
since this SIG has been started.


Now, I have a question of my own.

I see an increased number of games being distributed by publishers such as
GameHouse, iwin or PlayFirst.

What would be the three main reasons/benefits (excluding the obvious one:
cash) for a developer to go with a publisher instead of taking his/her game
to the major portals directly?


Have a Happy 2006.


Best regards / Beste Grüsse,


Miguel Oliveira
Bluefish Media 


 <http://www.bluefish-media.com/> www.bluefish-media.com

www.gamepueblo.com <http://www.gamepueblo.com/> 

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