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Lennard Feddersen Lennard at RustyAxe.com
Tue Jan 17 19:44:07 EST 2006

I'm not sure how it hurts and I've had those thoughts before and even 
voiced them on this forum.

If you are doing what you do for love then, well, you can keep on doing 
so and I'm not sure how such a compilation would affect you.  As you 
point out, Lucas Arts was around before film money entered our biz - I 
too was there and shuddered when it was happening - but they are still 
around and making games just like before.  But there are compelling 
business reasons to have access to those #'s that have nothing 
(certainly not for me although I look forward to the day when the case 
may be different) to do with mathematical masturbation.  The point James 
makes on your blog about increasing coverage and size of this segment 
along with the ability to talk to the money folks with real world #'s 
are both compelling to me.  As far as I'm concerned it doesn't even need 
to be a regulated and formal thing, press releases from the big portals 
and publishers detailing performance about specific titles, in units 
and/or $ would go a long way to serving the press and providing 
statistical data for business proposals.

Happy game makin'

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Gregg Seelhoff wrote:

>Brian, et al,
>>Thanks everyone for the great discussion on this. As a SIG our goal
>>is to meet the needs and desires of the community, and discussions
>>like this are what help us know exactly what all of you are looking
>I do not want to be a naysayer here, but before this gets too far, I think 
>that we should consider what we are trying to accomplish.
>I have posted my thoughts on this thread on my blog:
>    http://blog.gamecraft.org/2006/01/striving-for-fetters_17.html
>Comments are welcome.
>Gregg Seelhoff
>IGDA Member #1995-0307


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