[casual_games] multiplayer?

Dave Rohrl daver at popcap.com
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Although I agree that toolsets are an important issue with the lack of
multiplayer titles and service, I tend to think that the greater issue
has to do with distribution.  One of the desirable characteristics of
single-player downloads (from the portal point of view) is that there is
little integration needed between developer and portal and the customer
relationship can easily rest 100% with the portal.  As soon as
multiplayer backends serving multiple sites get involved, customer
ownership issues can get very murky and the portal becomes very reliant
on the developer for continuing service and maintenance.  It's a much
bigger risk and a more difficult sell from a developer end.


- DaveR



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Multiplayer games that properly embrace community can be monetized in a
number of different ways; specifically through advertising and


However, your observation of the few MP options out there is well taken.
I think most would agree that community and micro-transactions will be
integral pieces to our industry's future, but developers have been
somewhat 'handcuffed' by the lack of standard technology and available
developer tools for MP hosting, billing, and security. Joel Brodie
provides some interesting thoughts about the subject (and some bold
predictions!) on GameZebo;


I'd be remiss to not mention that Game Trust is currently building open
MP APIs to our Game Frame platform, which powers community and MP games
on several casual game portals. Feel free to contact me off this post if
you are interested in helping to shape the features of this upcoming




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One thing that surprises me is how few multiplayer options there are for
casual gamers. Why is that? My friend, another game developer, said it's
because there's no way for a casual game developer to make money on
multiplayer games. Is that true? Are there no viable business models
around that make multiplayer game development appealing to casual game



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