[casual_games] DRM GameShield vs Digital River

James Gwertzman james at popcap.com
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We used Yummy here in Shanghai to build a DRM wrapper for PopCap’s games distributed via partners in Asia, and we were quite happy with it. It was incredibly flexible – we built a completely custom UI experience (based on our own home-grown DRM that we use in the US), leveraging the Yummy technology “under the hood” to securely wrap all the files and protect against unauthorized use. We have found Yummy to be very secure, and we have been able to leverage their web-based interface to their authentication server to build a custom “portal” for our partners that they can use to request new serial numbers to sell and that we can use to monitor sales in real-time.

We also found Yummy to be very helpful during development, answering our questions promptly.


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Anyone know which DRM solution has the most flexibility and best protection?

Yummy Interactive’s GameShield seems pricier, and I wanted to know if it was a better solution.

Any insight would help.

Katelyn Friedson


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