[casual_games] Girls/women and casual games - a psychological study TBD.... input? ideas?

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Fri Jul 8 11:00:20 EDT 2011

Hello all,

Nearly 2 years ago I "crowdsourced" my research question for my MSc research
topic on female gamers and casual games. I received many replies and
helpful suggestions on the topic as well as assistance in finding studies on
female gamers.

In a bit of self-promotion (please excuse and forgive me), I happy to say
that the study has been published. I have included the abstract below and
should you find the topic of interest, I am quite happy to share a copy (no
restrictions on distribution) with you directly (off list).

I write especially to the IGDA because I believe there is some insightful
information in the data for game developers.

I thank you all once again for the help.

very best,
Andrea Lewis


Confronting gender representation: A qualitative study of the experiences
and motivations of female casual-gamers

Andrea Lewis & Mark D. Griffiths

Abstract: Women are playing video games in ever increasing numbers. However,
the empirical literature has consistently shown that males play video games
more frequently than females, that males play for longer periods, and that
both genders are equally likely to view game playing as a masculine pursuit.
As a consequence, a study was carried out to examine salient themes in the
experiences and motivations of females who frequently play ‘casual’ video
games. The participants comprised 16 adult female casual-gamers who
completed two self-report online interviews (at the beginning and at the end
of the study) and participated in an online blog/diary and discussion forum
over a four-week period. The data were analysed for salient themes using
Thematic Analysis. Results showed areas that were important to female
casual-gamers included knowledge peripheral to games, domestic commitments
and personal priorities influenced by gaming, and the social, financial, and
emotional investment of games. By exploring the prominent themes underlying
women’s motivations to play casual games, the results provided potential new
research directions for future research on women gamers from positively
gendered perspectives.

Key words: video game playing, gender, thematic analysis

On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 4:41 PM, Andrea Lewis <helloandrea at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all -


> First, I did check the archives before making this post and decided that

> it would be worthwhile to poll opinion.


> I am currently pursuing an MSc in CyberPsychology in the UK and would like

> to do my thesis research on women and gaming, specifically casual gaming.

> My main issue/problem is that I have yet to carve out a clear research

> question... however, I know the issues that have led me to this topic and so

> I thought I would share and see if others might have opinion or insight that

> would help me to get closer to my topic...


> 1) I am tired of hearing that women/girls dont play video games

> 2) I am bothered that when I do hear discussions that acknowledge that

> women play casual games, the next sentence often dismisses casual games as

> "not real games"

> 3) I dont think that women only play "fluffy cute" games and are opposed to

> killing, shooting, competitive games

> 4) I am curious about the biological differences in men and women that may

> make one gender more inclined to a certain type of socialization, but I

> think everyone is unique

> 5) I would like to uncover something profound about women and gaming

> culture

> 6) I would like to approach casual games and casual game play with a

> seriousness that may have been overlooked in the past

> 7) I am interested in in-depth interviews with female gamers as well as

> with uncovering broader statistics

> 8) I am very interested in women and game addiction and how it might differ

> from male game addiction (the predominant population currently studied).

> 9) While my access may be limited, I am definitely interested in

> cross-cultural and cross-generational aspects of female gamers

> 10) I think casual games kick ass.


> So far, that is my personal hot list of why I want to explore this area.

> If it sparks something in you and you are moved to reply, comment, argue,

> dismiss... by all means please do so -- whether here publicly or privately

> to me... Also, if you have come across research, articles, books, please

> share as I am amassing an enormous list of resources.


> Thank you,

> Andrea


> ps - I am a digital media project manager and recruiter, lived in NYC

> and worked in the media industry for 10+ years before returning for my

> masters... Now living in the UK, just ran into some old friends at

> www.gamecity.org... and, among other things, games are a passion but I am

> by no means a "gamer" - I am a bit more interested in the business and

> culture of games. I also focus on women as a population because, well, I am

> one.




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