[game_edu] call for roundtables: GDC Game Curriculum Workshop

katie katie at gmlb.com
Tue Jan 3 09:24:11 EST 2006

Hi all,

Katherine Isbister and I are coordinating a day-long
tutorial at the GDC focused on game curriculum,
sponsored by the IGDA. The tutorial is scheduled for
Tuesday March 21, 10am-6pm and we hope you can all
make it!

One portion of the tutorial will be dedicated to a
series of parallel roundtables held over lunch, which
we hope will give people a chance to focus on issues
specific to their own interests and needs. We’d like
open up a call for proposals for roundtable topics and
roundtable leaders here—if you would like to lead a
roundtable around a particular topic or have an idea
you’d like to see discussed, please send us a short
100 word blurb that describes:
1. title of the roundtable
2. what will be discussed
3. who will lead the roundtable (you or someone else)

Once all the proposals are in (please send us your
ideas by January 15), Katherine and I will review them
in the context of the day’s agenda, and then publish a
list of the selected topics soon after. You can read
more on the
day’s agenda here:

many thanks,
katie and katherine

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