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Tue Apr 19 16:26:41 EDT 2005

Hi Reid,

I just took a brief glance at it (running around late for 
everything today!). I like the idea of the SIG Wiki hosting 
something like this and I think that we could really set the 
tone for other additions like how accessible mainstream 
games are for the visually impaired, mobility impaired, etc 
as well as how accessible certain console controllers are, 

I agree that having one main page that lists the games in 
alphabetical order (and perhaps someday by console if we can 
get the channel 21 issue resolved) and then having them link 
to separate wiki pages that are more in depth makes sense.


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>Hey all,
>I created a page on the IGDA wiki that could be used for a 
>that catalogues which videogames are captioned or not and 
how well
>they are captioned. You can find a test version of it below:
>I'm not sure which format should be used, so feedback is 
>Also, I probably should create a page that lists the games 
>alphabetical order and links to a more in depth page, like 
the one
>linked above.
>Any comments or suggestions at all about how to organize 
this type of
>data are welcome. Do you think this is something that could 
be useful
>on the IGDA wiki or should I create another separate 
website for it? I
>was even thinking of registering a new domain, 
http://ccgames.info or
>On 4/15/05, hinn at uiuc.edu <hinn at uiuc.edu> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> The GA-SIG is working a new look for our website
>> (http://www.igda.org/accessibility/). Thanks to Jason of 
>> IGDA, we have a blog-based website. This means that 
>> will be easier to make and the site will be easier to
>> maintain overall. I'll continue to pretty up the site over
>> the next few weeks (adding some graphics, etc). If you 
are a
>> current member of the SIG, please check the SIG members 
>> and make sure your name is on the "current members" list. 
>> it's not, send me an email to hinn at uiuc.edu and I'll get 
>> onto the list.
>> Another new thing is the GA-SIG wiki, which is linked from
>> the GA-SIG webpage. The IGDA has a wiki now and we have a
>> part of it for ourselves! I've added a few resources but
>> it's just a start. Help us grow our wiki by adding your 
>> resources! To add to the wiki, you must register with the
>> IGDA for a free account (http://www.igda.org/join/) -- you
>> can also take the time to renew your memberships from this
>> page too. :)
>> Comments? Questions? Additions? Let me know!
>> Thanks,
>> Michelle
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