[games_access] Making Accessible Game Documentation

Matthew T. Atkinson matthew at agrip.org.uk
Sat Aug 20 10:08:50 EDT 2005

...or should that be ``Making Accessible Accessible Game

Anyway, I'm sorry it's taken this long to start posting here again.
Some of you may remember me from a few months ago.  That was before my
degree finished.  Now I am raising funds for my PhD (which is partly in
this area).

I said I would let you know when the following article was ready.  It
nearly is -- I have to find a place to upload the rest of the files, but
I thought you might want to give it a read, so you can at least see what
will be on offer soon:


I'll post again when it's uploaded (hopefully in the next few days).

bye just now,

Matthew T. Atkinson <matthew at agrip.org.uk>

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