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I will write more about my opinion about (and experiences with) "accessible 
features"-lists to this list and the GA-SIG. But before people send in their 
lists, please be aware that there are MANY types of computer games. The 
"accessibility features" that Phil proposes seem to only regard games in 
which you "carry a weapon while moving through different locations on paths 
while trying to hit opponents". Although for instance 1st person shooters 
are very popular, they do *NOT* represent computer games in general. 
Therefore, use game-independend descriptions. This will be very tough, 
because sooner or later you *will* run into genre-specific issues like 
perspective, ,etc.

A game-independend accessibility feature would be "Close captioning for all 
game audio."

Also, bare in mind that accessibility features alone do not necessarily mean 
that a game is equally fun to play by all. Using 'accessibility features' 
could mean that while a seeing player is enjoying a cool visual environment 
sneaking up on an opponent, the blind player is listening to navigation 
beeps and continues descriptions of distances and locations, making it a 
very different game indeed. What I mean is: while the sighted gamer is 
playing the game, the blind gamer is playing the accessibility features.

I will write more about this in the future, but I have no time now. Please 
take the above in consideration when thinking about an accessibility option 
such as "auditory sign which indicates the position and rotation of Tetris 



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> Hi Tim,
> Here is my list for blind accessibility
> 1. coordinates of your location.
> A key to tell you where you are at in feet, meters or sectors etc. and the
> direction you are facing, as in North.
> 2. Distance to objects in front of you.
> Describes how far objects buildings and openings are away from you.
> 3. Weapon pointed in the direction you are facing.
> Lock the weapon straight in front so when you turn it also does.
> 4. Different walking sounds when changing locations.
> If you are on a path then you should hear when you leave it for some other
> area, or a key to describe the ground that you are standing on.
> 5. auto range finding.
> When you face an opponent close up, you do not have to adjust the altitude
> of your weapon.
> This would not apply to turn based games or to long range weapons.
> 6. indicator when nearing an object or wall.
> Voice or sound set off when within a short distance to an object or wall 
> to
> give you enough time to turn stop or pick it up.
> 7. Description of weapon success and failure.
> If you hit your opponent a change in its sound or sound of the weapon
> hitting your opponent.
> A description of which direction you are off if you miss, for example shot
> was too far left and the sound of your weapon missing.
> A different sound or description when stopping or killing your opponent.
> 8. Sound glossary.
> A way to review the important sounds in the game with a description of 
> what
> they represent.
> 9. Alternative weapon firing key.
> A way to specify which key you want to use to fire your weapon, for 
> example,
> control, space bar, or enter key.
> 10. Opponent sounds.
> Make sure your opponents make a sound, either by talking walking, or 
> having
> an engine or other sound that is unique enough to be identified as an
> opponent and located by adjusting the sound of the opponent based on its
> distance and direction facing.
> That's it for now.
> Phil
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>> Ladies & Gentlemen (boys and girls of all ages...)
>> I've been tasked (from the IGDA SIG-Accessibility meeting
>> yesterday) with trying to assemble a "top-ten" list of sorts of
>> simple ways to make mainstream games more accessible.  I figured
>> I'd solicit ideas from here to see if anybody had any sorts of
>> ideas.  The list is intended to cover not only vision imparement,
>> but deafness, mobility, and cognitive imparements.  Any
>> suggestions or comments would be more than welcomed.  The aim is
>> to make them items that wouldn't be too time consuming for a
>> time-crunched mainstream developer, but that would make the game
>> reach a larger market for having added such features.
>> Some ideas that have rolled around in my head so far...
>> -scaleable/selectable font sizes and colors (perhaps with
>> selectable background colors to set your own contrast).  Maybe
>> even chose the font face
>> -make use of true 3d positional audio rather than just panning
>> -audio-tag all important objects?
>> -include closed-captioning for all dialog, and optionally for events
>> Okay...so at the moment, it's looking more like a "top 5" rather
>> than a "top 10", but hopefully folks out there will have more
>> ideas to add to the list.
>> Thanks,
>> -tim
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