[games_access] GDC 2006 - games for CD

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Mon Dec 5 18:31:30 EST 2005

Thought the following free one switch games could get across quite a few 
accessibility ideas:

Aurikon (www.aggressivegames.com)
http://www.idiombox.com/oneswitch/Aurikon.exe  (download)
"Multiple functions on a single button - Branching choice system - Versatile 

Orbit Racer (www.pugfuglygames.com)
http://www.idiombox.com/oneswitch/Orbit_Racers.zip  (download)
"Including circular tracks can make races playable with a single button"

Alice Amazed (www.michi.nu/alice/index.php)
http://www.michi.nu/alice/AliceAmazed.zip  (download)
"Superb menu system - Scan and select game play - One/Two player - Great 

Mini Golf One Button Style
http://www.idiombox.com/oneswitch/Mini_Golf_OneButton.zip  (download)
"Aiming system that could work with any golf game"

Strange Attractors (www.ominousdev.com)
http://www.idiombox.com/oneswitch/Strange_Attractors.zip  (download)
"Original idea for one switch game"

Penalty (Priory Woods School)
"Consideration for learning disabled switch gamers"

Any ideas for other freebie accessible games?


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