[games_access] GDC 2006 - One switch game "Strange Attractors" makes the Independent Games Festival finals

hinn at uiuc.edu hinn at uiuc.edu
Sun Dec 18 18:28:25 EST 2005

whoa that's fantastic! actually if they could advert our
accessibility arcade on the tutorial day that'd be great. also
we can easily add them in to the tutorial day if they'd like
to speak briefly about switch games (we need someone to cover
that since you won't be able to join us so that'd be great to
get them into the loop on the planning). please let them know
about the meeting this tuesday online.

they are also encouraged to get involved with the roundtables
and join us for the "meet n greet" that we'll have of some
sort (probably a bunch of us at a bar someplace but i'm still
seeing if we can get some $$$ for a slightly bigger do). also,
we'll all get tickets to the award ceremony so we should all
without a doubt try to get together en masse for the ceremony
for support.


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>Subject: [games_access] GDC 2006 - One switch game "Strange
Attractors" makes the Independent Games Festival finals  
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>Great news. One of the Retro Remakes one switch competition
entries has been 
>nominated for "Innovation In Game Design", and will be up to
play on the 
>Independent Games Festival Pavilion at GDC 2006 (www.igf.com).
>This game is "Strange Attractors" by Ominous Development 
>(www.igf.com/php-bin/entries2006.php?entry_id=142). It's a
unique and fun 
>game with some excellent accessiblility features, including
single button 
>play, a scan and select menu and good variable difficulty levels.
>Eric Walker of Ominous Development has asked me:
>"....since we're going to have a little spot to show off our
game, is there 
>anything we can do for you or the Game Accessibility talks?
In all honesty 
>we wouldn't have had this opportunity if we hadn't been
inspired by the one 
>switch competition back in May, so if there's anything we can
do to return 
>the favor, let me know."
>Any thoughts any one? We're fine to put the game on any
accessible games CD 
>we might produce. Might be nice if Ominous Developments could
>something to the accessibility day, perhaps in person or writing.
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