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Great idea -- A thought that I had about structuring the 
book was to structure it closely to the HCII Conference 
paper (aka the Vegas Paper). We'll have that on the website 
when it's finalized. But one main section is on Case 
Studies. It would be great to focus on "best practices" -- 
case studies of how the game industry has been addressing 
accessibility and how game players have created their own 
systems to create an accessible gaming experience for them.


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>I am very interested in contributing to the book, speaking 
about my
>efforts to create an example of how to close caption video 
games with
>the Doom3[CC] project. We are currently developing some 
>features; sound direction ques, colored text, animated text 
>during loud rumbles) and support for multiple languages.
>On Sun, 6 Feb 2005 15:23:42 -0600, michelle hinn 
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>> Hi everyone -- This is an email primarily for those who 
are authors of the
>> SIG's paper for HCI International in Las Vegas in July. 
All are welcome to
>> the meeting tomorrow but the main focus for the next 
month will be the
>> completion of this paper. We'll return to regular SIG 
meetings on March 14
>> (post Game Developer's Conference).
>> So this is just a quick reminder about the meeting 
tomorrow at 12noon
>> (EST)/9am (PST) -- it's the same time that we normally 
meet. We'll go over
>> the paper as it stands right now and talk about the plan 
to finish it up by
>> the March 1 deadline.
>> One other item of business will be to talk about a 
possible book to be put
>> out by the SIG! Yes, I pleased to announce that I've been 
contacted by
>> Charles River Media Publishers about the SIG putting out 
a games
>> accessibility book.  I'm sitting down with their gaming 
editor at GDC in
>> early March -- so be thinking about some ideas that I can 
bring to her on
>> behalf of the SIG at GDC. My initial idea is to create an 
edited book by the
>> SIG so that those who are interested can each have their 
own chapter (and,
>> thus, book chapter publication) and it also opens up the 
book for those who
>> may be doing research but are not (YET!) involved with 
the SIG.
>> IMPORTANT (how to get to the meeting): If you aren't 
already on MSN
>> Messenger, please sign up for an account as soon as 
possible. Then add me,
>> vrgrrl at hotmail.com (that's right, vrgrrl), to your 
contacts list.
>> I'll make sure that you are added to the conference room 
when I see you
>> online right before the meeting. Email me at 
hinn at uiuc.edu if you have any
>> problems.
>> See you tomorrow! Some REALLY exciting stuff in the works!
>> Michelle
>> IGDA Game Accessibility Committee Chair
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