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Sun Feb 6 18:05:29 EST 2005

Yes, that's a great idea to generate book chapter and 
section ideas on this list. That will probably be the most 
efficient route to brainstorm since meeting times aren't 
easy for many.

Thanks for the update on the Game Accessibility Conference --
 yeah, conference planning is no easy task for sure. And 
life just gets in the way sometimes. :) One way to tackle 
this is to go as low key as possible -- keep sessions more 
informal, have more panels and break out/roundtable 
sessions. Maybe if for the first conference there wasn't as 
much of an emphasis on a proceedings that would also help. 
Maybe have participants submit a short (1-2 page) position 
paper to be posted on the web (we could host it on the SIG's 
webpage) instead of dealing with the expense of a printed 
proceedings. Just some ideas!

Everyone -- keep spreading the word about this list. We want 
to get together as many groups and companies as possible!

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>   Hi Michelle and group!
>   Hope I can attend the meeting tommorow. I'm very
>   interested to hear your plans about a possible GA
>   book. Maybe it's a nice idea to use the list to
>   develop an outline of possible chapters?
>   For everyone still anxiously awaiting news on a
>   possible Game Accessibility Conference:
>   The last few months have been very hectic for me due
>   to my Ph.D. work, personal matters like my
>   mother-in-law recieving a permanent tracheo-stoma
>   (she has PSMA, which is a form of progressive muscle
>   disorder), work on my appartment, heavy flu in
>   januari, etc, etc. So I haven't been able to continu
>   to work on a possible conference. My main contact
>   (who has the most experience and who could help me
>   organize the conference together with several
>   universities) is very busy himself with a very small
>   1 day conference which has turned out to a much
>   larger task then he anticipated. However, we
>   recently had a positive talk about it at the
>   Accessibility foundation where I work so all's not
>   lost :) However, all is going very very slowly
>   unfortunately.
>   By the way, if anyone wants to view a brochure on
>   web accessibility we (Accessibility
>   foundation) recently developed in collaboration with
>   HP, have a look at:
>   (or: http://tinyurl.com/5fdum )
>   Again, hope to meet you tommorrow (as I lately seem
>   to miss it due to permanent public transport
>   delays)!
>   Greets,
>   Richard
>   http://www.audiogames.net
>   http://www.soundsupport.net
>   http://www.gameaudiodesign.com
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>   Vegas ConferenceWhitepaper
>   > Hi everyone -- This is an email primarily for
>   those who are authors of the
>   > SIG's paper for HCI International in Las Vegas in
>   July. All are welcome to
>   > the meeting tomorrow but the main focus for the
>   next month will be the
>   > completion of this paper. We'll return to regular
>   SIG meetings on March 14
>   > (post Game Developer's Conference).
>   >
>   > So this is just a quick reminder about the meeting
>   tomorrow at 12noon
>   > (EST)/9am (PST) -- it's the same time that we
>   normally meet. We'll go over
>   > the paper as it stands right now and talk about
>   the plan to finish it up by
>   > the March 1 deadline.
>   >
>   > One other item of business will be to talk about a
>   possible book to be put
>   > out by the SIG! Yes, I pleased to announce that
>   I've been contacted by
>   > Charles River Media Publishers about the SIG
>   putting out a games
>   > accessibility book.  I'm sitting down with their
>   gaming editor at GDC in
>   > early March -- so be thinking about some ideas
>   that I can bring to her on
>   > behalf of the SIG at GDC. My initial idea is to
>   create an edited book by the
>   > SIG so that those who are interested can each have
>   their own chapter (and,
>   > thus, book chapter publication) and it also opens
>   up the book for those who
>   > may be doing research but are not (YET!) involved
>   with the SIG.
>   >
>   > IMPORTANT (how to get to the meeting): If you
>   aren't already on MSN
>   > Messenger, please sign up for an account as soon
>   as possible. Then add me,
>   > vrgrrl at hotmail.com (that's right, vrgrrl), to your
>   contacts list.
>   > I'll make sure that you are added to the
>   conference room when I see you
>   > online right before the meeting. Email me at
>   hinn at uiuc.edu if you have any
>   > problems.
>   >
>   > See you tomorrow! Some REALLY exciting stuff in
>   the works!
>   >
>   > Michelle
>   > IGDA Game Accessibility Committee Chair
>   >
>   >
>   >
>   >
>   >
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