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Just as a reminder :) The Game Accessibility SIG is sponsored by the
International Game Developers Association and here's this month's IGDA
newsletter that you might be interested in. IGDA helps provide things like
this mailing list, our wiki, our forums, and our blog (all on
www.igda.org/accessibility) as well as helping us with countless other
things that help us get noticed and keep us visible! Without the helpful
staff of the IGDA, we definitely would not have gotten as far as we have in
the last two years! 

Check out the IGDA site (www.igda.org) for information on how to join the
IGDA. I'm a member! Are you?


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IGDA Newsletter - June 2005

Table of Contents
0: A Word From Jesse Schell

1: Quality of Life Summit Session Videos Now Online

2: Promising Students to be Awarded with GDC Europe Scholarships

3: 2005 Mobile Games White Paper Hot off the Press

4: Member Offers: Euro Industry Report, Difficult Questions Book

5: Columns Update

6: Chapter Meetings/Reports

x: Logistical Bits & Subscription Info

0: A Word From Jesse Schell

Dear Members and friends,

I have felt quite privileged to spend the last year as IGDA Chairperson - 
it has given me a chance to learn more about the ins and outs of the 
organization, and to meet with more members than ever. I am glad to say 
that the experience has made me all the more proud to be a game developer, 
and proud to be a part of the IGDA. I've never, anywhere, seen a community 
so driven and passionate about creating incredible things, while 
simultaneously being so sharing and open.

For my final act as chair, I would like to thank you all for supporting the 
IGDA through this transitional year. The IGDA is nothing without its 
members and supporters, and I have every confidence that in the coming 
years, you will be quite surprised at the new ways the IGDA gives back to 
the members that have given it so much.

And with that said, I will pass the baton to our newly appointed chair: Bob 
Bates! With Bob's vast experience, endless patience, and atomic-powered 
enthusiasm, the IGDA is in excellent hands. Let me also congratulate our 
other elected officers: Secretary Mitzi McGilvray and Treasurer (and former 
chair) Kathy Schoback. Finally, please welcome our newest board member, Tom 

See the press release for more details:

While this is my last intro letter, you aren't rid of me yet. I am pleased 
to say I'll be staying on the board for the coming year as "Chair Emeritus" 
to help ensure a smooth transition, so feel free to drop me a line. And 
have a great summer!

- Jesse Schell
Chairperson Emeritus, IGDA
Asst. Professor of Entertainment Technology, Carnegie Mellon University
CEO, Schell Games

** Ad: GDC Europe Announces Premier Keynote Lineup, 10% Member Discount **
The 5th Annual GDC Europe has announced both the keynote and conference 
line up for the 30 August to 1 September, 2005 event in London, UK. 
Industry veteran and Sony executive Phil Harrison and Katamari Damacy 
creator Keita Takahashi will deliver keynote addresses on 31 August and 1 
September respectively.

IGDA members receive a 10% discount on conference pass pricing. Early 
registration rates expire 3 August. Be sure to use priority code PIENXX to 
activate your discount. IGDA membership will be verified. Register today at:

1: Quality of Life Summit Session Videos Now Online
To share the valuable knowledge that was generated during its Quality of 
Life Summit, the IGDA has made available recorded videos from the entire 
event. Additional Summit materials, including conference proceedings, 
slides, papers and reports, are also available free of charge.

The Summit, held at GDC, was the first of its kind to address the work 
environment and related issues for game development professionals. Experts 
discussed factors effecting poor working conditions, labor relations 
theories, legal issues surrounding overtime and case studies on how to 
overcome the hurdles preventing a better work atmosphere.

QoL Summit Videos:

QoL Summit Materials (ie, slides, reports, etc):

** Ad: Upcoming Game Initiative Events **
July 19-20, 2005 - Seattle, Washington

Insights to the business opportunities and design considerations required 
for Developers, Publishers and Distributors to succeed in this 
rapidly-expanding game industry segment. Sponsored in part by MSN Games.

July 28, 2005 - San Francisco, California

Understand the opportunities and pitfalls the driving forces that are 
shaping the market. For game developers and publishers. Meet with ad 
agencies and technology companies. Sponsored in part by MSN Games.

2: Promising Students to be Awarded with GDC Europe Scholarships
The IGDA will award qualified university students the chance to attend this 
year's Game Developers Conference Europe (GDCE). The scholarship will 
provide students with full access to all sessions, roundtables and keynotes 
at GDCE, offering a unique opportunity to meet with professionals and learn 
valuable industry skills.

The deadline to enter is Wednesday, July 20, 2005. Recipients will be 
announced by August 3rd. Applicants are required to be full-time university 
students (or in an equivalent educational program) and IGDA student members 
for consideration.

Complete information on the scholarship program and requirements are online:

Information on the 2005 GDC Europe can be found at:

** Ad: SIGGRAPH 2005: The Smart place to be **
You'll find all the data, techniques, people, and inspiration you need for 
another successful year of research, development, production, and

SIGGRAPH 2005 Keynote Address from world-renowned director, producer and 
screenwriter George Lucas. More than 300 presentations on leading edge 
technologies and techniques. An Exhibition with the largest international 
display of next-generation tools required for achievement in computer 
graphics and interactive techniques.

Five days only, 31 July-4 August 2005 in Los Angeles. Visit:

3: 2005 Mobile Games White Paper Hot off the Press
The IGDA's Online Games SIG has recently published the "2005 Mobile Games 
White Paper", freely available in PDF format from the SIG site:

Prepared by industry volunteers, the 54 page report covers all aspects of 
the mobile game space, including the market and technology of mobile games, 
as well as insights on how to develop mobile games and start a new studio.

4: Member Offers: Euro Industry Report, Difficult Questions Book
The following offers are being provided to IGDA members:

Report: European Interactive Games - The 2005 State of the Industry
This Screen Digest report is a key source of data on the structure and 
dynamics of the games industry in Europe and contains a thorough analysis 
of the changing factors affecting the key players throughout the games 
value chain. IGDA members are being offered a 20% discount. For more 
details, contact Jonathan Fletcher (+44 207 424 2820 or 
jonathan.fletcher at screendigest.com).


Book: Difficult Questions about Videogames
Difficult Questions About Videogames is a unique and vital book on the 
state of contemporary thinking and opinion on this most pervasive, 
important and misunderstood of popular cultural forms. PublicBeta, an 
organization dedicated to videogame culture, are giving away this book for 
FREE for a short time.


** Ad: Video Games Live at the Hollywood Bowl **
Video Games Live is the first major U.S. video game music concert tour. 
Think music concert, theatrical stage show, and interactive video game all 
wrapped into one! Video Games Live will feature the best music and video 
clips from the most popular games from the beginning of video gaming to the 
present: Mario, Zelda, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Warcraft, Myst, Final 
Fantasy, etc...

The first show will be held on July 6th at the Hollywood Bowl in Los 
Angeles, California.

5: Columns Update
Monthly columns have been updated:

Famous Last Words
"By Any Other Name..."

Culture Clash
"W00T, Suxx0rz - The consequences of consequence-free communication"

The Games Game
"Focus on the Job at Hand"

6: Chapter Meetings/Reports
Complete list of chapter reports and upcoming meetings:

Monday, July 11 > General discussion and networking meeting

Thursday, June 30 > Mobile Gaming: Status, Challenges and Opportunities

Wednesday, June 29 > Meeting - Crises in Creativity?

Monday, June 27 > Social

Saturday, June 25 > Malaysian Chapter June Meeting Announcement

Thursday, June 23 > Inaugural Hamburg Chapter Meeting

Thursday, June 23 > June Chapter meeting

Wednesday, June 22 > IGDA Israel Social Meeting

Report, June 15 > June Chapter Meeting Summary

Report, June 15 > Next-Gen Buzz or Bust?

New Jersey North
Report, June 11 > May Meeting Report

Report, June 8 > Max 7.5 presentation and the challenges facing next-gen AI

Report, June 6 > E3 Slideshow and Miner Madness

x: Logistical Bits

Newsletter Subscription
You can update your newsletter subscription details via your MyProfile page:

If you need help, contact us.

Thanks to our Partners
The IGDA extends its sincerest thanks to all our Partners! Especially those 
who just joined us, or recently renewed their commitment to support the 
game development community:

- Algoma University College
- Austin Community College
- Autodesk Media and Entertainment
- Digital River, Inc.
- GameJobs.com
- ionForge
- Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency
- Mary-Margaret.com
- Microsoft Research
- NVIDIA Corporation
- Suffolk College
- University of Derby
- Web Technology Corp.
- Xbox

Without their support the IGDA simply would not survive - let alone thrive.

Further details and a complete list of Partners are available online:

Contact Information
Please contact us if you have questions, comments or input:

RSS Feeds for IGDA News and Chapter Updates
The IGDA web site has RSS feeds for IGDA news (eg, org announcements, 
committee work, etc) and chapter updates (eg, upcoming meetings, event 
reports). Those using RSS readers can point to:

IGDA News: http://www.igda.org/igda_news_rss.php

IGDA Chapter Updates: http://www.igda.org/igda_chapters_rss.php

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