[games_access] Re: games_access Digest, Vol 6, Issue 5

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Wed Mar 2 16:22:53 EST 2005

Remebering Richard's recent e-mail, I've just found the following video 
clips on-line of a switch-gamer:


Great bit of technology too - perhaps something similar will be made to run 
on games consoles too one day...


> ps: A few weeks ago I was filming some clips for an educational package on
> web accessibility. Here I also filmed two clips of a person with MSA-II
> (heavy motoric disability, the person does everything mostly with his 
> head)
> playing Bookworm using two methods: a mouthstick (with which he was very
> quick to play the game) and voice commands using Dragon Natural Speak 
> (which
> slowed the game down a lot compared to the mouthstick). We're going to put
> the (dutch-language) clips in the educational package in any case (the 
> clips
> are meant to show how people with disabilities use the internet). Maybe 
> it's
> an idea to get some footage of other people with disabilities playing 
> games
> (or miserable failing to play games, which is also very informative). We
> could put them on the GA-SIG website perhaps? My experience is that 
> there's
> still a big gap between game developers and people with disabilities (an
> almost similar gap as between flash designers and people with 
> disabilities).
> But when you show them an example of Johhny X, 22 years old, trying to 
> play
> Game Y, which he has trouble with because he's deaf, or has a muscle
> disorder, then perhaps you could raise awareness of this subject.
> Over at the AudioGames.net website you can already view several clips of
> blind children playing computer games (Drive, The Curb Game (very short) 
> and
> Demor).

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