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Sat Nov 19 17:11:48 EST 2005

Hi Reid,

The Tuesday is the all day tutorial (10am - 6pm) and then we'll have two 
roundtable sessions on other days -- those days haven't yet be announced. 
Then we'll have a meet and greet of some sort for those who can't make any of 
those times and/or want to hear more.

Last monday we talked mostly about the tutorial since it was just Kevin, 
Thomas, and I. The next meeting is at noon eastern time on tuesday 29 
november (note that the meetings are on tuesday now -- mondays are just 
bad!!). I'm going to clean up the tutorial stuff on the wiki a bit and then email 
out a note about how everyone can contribute to the session planning. This has 
been a looooooong week -- beyond just work stuff. So I'm a little behind right 


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>Hey all,
>A friend of mine sent me the following link about starwars galaxies,
>but it's also about impaired
>functionality in games.
>I really hope we can get the big game development studios and
>publishers to come to our tutorial sessions. Are they tutorial
>sessions? I saw on the gdconf.com website that we are on for Tuesday I
>think. Is that the only day?
>What did everyone discuss in this past weeks meeting?
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