[games_access] Meetings and new blood.

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Mon Nov 21 18:43:31 EST 2005

Hey Barrie -- that's a great idea! I'll use that next time 
to announce our meetings. Yeah, sometimes I even get the 
meeting time mixed up because noon eastern isn't my time 
zone either! :) So I've written down noon on my schedule 

There has been a few new people joining this list so maybe a 
few of you might want to join us in an online meeting? All 
are welcome! 


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>Subject: [games_access] Meetings and new blood.  
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>Hi Michelle, Hi all,
>Couple of thoughts about meetings.
>I'm always a bit confused about the meeting times. "Noon 
Eastern Time" 
>doesn't mean very much to me at a glance.
>What about using this link when announcing meetings?
>The following link gives a clear link for world times for 
our next meeting 
>on Tuesday the 29th of November at Noon Eastern Time:
>Wondering about new blood too. Any thoughts on getting new 
members in, 
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>> Hi Reid,
>> The Tuesday is the all day tutorial (10am - 6pm) and then 
we'll have two
>> roundtable sessions on other days -- those days haven't 
yet be announced.
>> Then we'll have a meet and greet of some sort for those 
who can't make any 
>> of
>> those times and/or want to hear more.
>> Last monday we talked mostly about the tutorial since it 
was just Kevin,
>> Thomas, and I. The next meeting is at noon eastern time 
on tuesday 29
>> november (note that the meetings are on tuesday now -- 
mondays are just
>> bad!!). I'm going to clean up the tutorial stuff on the 
wiki a bit and 
>> then email
>> out a note about how everyone can contribute to the 
session planning. This 
>> has
>> been a looooooong week -- beyond just work stuff. So I'm 
a little behind 
>> right
>> now.
>> Michelle
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>>>Subject: [games_access] Star Wars Galaxies
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>>>Hey all,
>>>A friend of mine sent me the following link about 
starwars galaxies,
>>>but it's also about impaired
>>>functionality in games.
>>>I really hope we can get the big game development studios 
>>>publishers to come to our tutorial sessions. Are they 
>>>sessions? I saw on the gdconf.com website that we are on 
for Tuesday I
>>>think. Is that the only day?
>>>What did everyone discuss in this past weeks meeting?
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