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Hi Barrie,

I designed the AudioGames.net personally. For our Game Accessibility project 
I also designed a similar logo, of a white joystick with red stripes, mixing 
the traditional blind cane with a joystick. Will show it to you when the 
project launches (a month or so I hope). I've made a couple of designs for 
this project. I might have something laying around that we can use.



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> "The Unique Design Challenge of Pinball Simulations" is an interesting 
> article (http://www.gamasutra.com/features/20051003/adams_01.shtml). 
> Pinball Simulations seem like one of the most obvious genres of games that 
> can be made highly accessible for many disabled gamers. Off the top of my 
> head:
> 1. Game speed control. From VERY slow to how ever fast the designer 
> wishes.
> 2. User-definable controls with the ability to mask multiple buttons to a 
> single control. There's no reason why START, the plunger, LEFT flipper and 
> RIGHT flipper couldn't all be operated by a single button.
> 3. Gap adjustment for how widely the flippers are spaced apart. Or 
> alternatively, bounce pins for the gutters (not sure on the terms, but 
> something to help stop the ball going out of play so easily).
> 4. 3D sound that can be exagerated to aid partially sighted/blind gamers.
> 5. Simple, clear menus that can be spoken.
> 6. Simplified graphics modes. E.g. just the outlines of the playing field. 
> Perhaps with a line thickness control.
> 7. Variety of viewing angles, including one that tracks the ball at 
> various overhead distances.
> 8. Wide difficulty level settings (choice of balls, ease of play).
> As for the Cafe Press idea - who designed the AudioGames logo? Might they 
> be able to come up with something that catches all? Might be an idea to 
> use something including the blue badge symbol, as it's so well known 
> around the world.
> Halloween Monday sounds good to me Michelle.
> Barrie
> www.OneSwitch.org.uk
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> article
>> Nice!!! Thanks, Reid, for following up with him about that --
>> nice, honest response from Ernest.
>> Yes GDC06! Speaking of...we need to start meeting again
>> regularly so that we can get everything planned out now that
>> we're officially on the program. :) More details coming
>> soon -- How about starting up again monday, oct 31 (yep,
>> halloween!) at 12noon (new york time)/11am (chicago time)?
>> T-shirts and mugs...not a bad idea. Anyone have some cool
>> logo ideas for a cafepress store?
>> Michelle
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>>>I'm glad he admitted he didn't know about the issues at
>> first, which
>>>kept him from writing about it in his 1st publication of
>> the Bill of
>>>Player's Rights. We still have much work to do I guess and
>> GDC '06
>>>will be big for us to get the word out. I'm thinking t-
>> shirts, coffee
>>>mugs, hired entertainers! Well, maybe not...
>>>Also, my independent captioning group is now working on
>> Quake4. Our
>>>project will be called, (drum roll please...) Quake4[CC],
>> *ding!*
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