[games_access] Nintendo one handed controller

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Mon Sep 19 17:30:07 EDT 2005

Good time to contact Nintendo, and why not an open letter to Sony and 
Microsoft too? These controllers are not accessible to many potential 


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Yikes... I saw the hand wand controller a few days and also wondered
how accessible it was to those with physical disabilities (not very
much it seems).

I just saw the "wavebird" controller that allows you to plug in the
hand wand and together you've got 23 buttons. I count each direction
on the two d-pads as a button to press.

That's getting a bit insane and overall on the surface it doesn't seem
like these controllers are going to be more accessible. I suppose the
only thing we can do is talk to Nintendo, ask if they have considered
these issues and hope for best. They are always saying they want to
make gaming accessible regardless of generation.


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