[games_access] GDC Video's

AudioGames.net richard at audiogames.net
Tue Apr 4 15:08:43 EDT 2006


On http://www.accessibility.nl/games/video/ you can find some edited video 
interview capture thingies. We're still messing around with the best method 
to caption the videos automatically from your browser. It should work now, 
but we'd really like to hear if subtitles don't work on a system. It should 
at least work in WinXP with MediaPlayer 10. Please turn on subtitels and 
make sure you check the subtitle-checkbox in the security settings in 
Mediaplayer 10 (why did MS put an extra checkbox there for captioning??!).

Oh yeah, we kinda rushed the CC's and I already noticed a couple of mistakes 
with Kevin's video. Please email me personally if you notice weird things in 
your captions...



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