[games_access] CC in Windows media? Thanks Richard and Sander

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Hi Robert,

Yes, you preferably have to type close captioning seperately from the movie file (if that's what you mean?). This way you get a seperate text file, which not only makes the information in the video accessible for people with hearing disabilities, but also for the blind-deaf. And the information from your video gets indexed by search enginges such as Google as well!

I don't think it is a problem if you use any of these clips in your documentory. They're meant for public viewing anyway and as long as you don't edit the clips so that Kevin seems to be saying weird things, I'm fine with it. Maybe I check with our financial party, but I don't think they would mind it.... but just to be on the safe side :)


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  Thanks Richard for letting me know about an automatic close captioning capability in Windows media or probably all media players I didn't know that before.  I didn't notice close captioning coming up I guess because I had it off did you type in your own close captioning separately also?

  I'm still playing with a rough draft of my outline for my documentary but the audio came out decently with your camera so it should be something to look forward to when I get started.  By any chance I could use any of your video clips for my documentary?




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