[games_access] GDC Video's

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Tue Apr 4 18:57:36 EDT 2006

>>The videos were great with regard to content! Oh I would add that 
>>i'm chair of the IGDA Game Accessibility SIG just to remove 
>>confusion of what SIG we're talking about (you know, in case 
>>someone thinks it's the game accessibility SIG of the united 
>>nations or ford motor company!?!). ;)
>You know, someone being called a chair is really odd when english is 
>not your native language...

Chairperson? Yeah, chair is a weird term anyway. So I'm a piece of 
furniture that everyone in the SIG sits on? Ok, no one go any further 
with this...let's stick with chairperson. :)

>>maybe we'll all have a game accessibility conference at a 
>>relaxation spa on some nice island and then we'll look more awake 
>>in version two of the videos? Any votes for location?
>Mmm, I heard Costa Rica is nice... ;)

And easy to get to from Holland I hear! Ok, to make Sander happy that 
it's not another MSN meeting, let's all meet up in San Jose, Costa 
Rica for the next meeting. See you there!

Couch, IGDA Game Accessibility SIG

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