[games_access] Centralised point for GDC 2006 presentations...

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Wed Apr 5 02:59:43 EDT 2006

I agree Barrie -- this weekend i'll make a nice summary page on the 
Wiki with the different powerpoints, including my own! :) My week's 
been full of catching up still! The wiki pages we were using to plan 
for gdc will be turned into the central location point for our 
presentations and pictures (well, some of the pictures...)

Jason at IGDA said he'd make a note of it once it's all up there and 
then we can also send it to all our business card contacts from the 

Yes, GDC was a super fun but super exhausting time -- hopefully we'll 
make GDC Europe the same fun but super exhausting time. :)

>Fascinating looking through the presentations and thoughts on the 
>GDC week. A fair few bleary faces in there!
>Is there a centralised point yet to find our information?
>I'm aware of these so far:
><http://www.pininteractive.com/_ftpupload/images/gdc2006.zip>http://www.pininteractive.com/_ftpupload/images/gdc2006.zip - 
><http://www.accessibility.nl/games/video/>http://www.accessibility.nl/games/video/ - 
>Videos (temporary)
><http://tim.thechases.com/top10_2.pdf>http://tim.thechases.com/top10_2.pdf - 
>Top 10 list
><http://gamescc.rbkdesign.com/>http://gamescc.rbkdesign.com/ - 
>Closed Captioning presentation and write ups
><http://www.oneswitch.org.uk/2/ARTICLES/physical-barriers.htm>http://www.oneswitch.org.uk/2/ARTICLES/physical-barriers.htm - 
>Physical Barriers
><http://www.csd.uoc.gr/~jgeorgal/GDC/GDC06_jgeorgal.ppt>http://www.csd.uoc.gr/~jgeorgal/GDC/GDC06_jgeorgal.ppt - 
>Universal Access (HCI Lab)
>Once it's there, it would be good to promote this again to developers.
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