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Sander Huiberts news at ebass.nl
Wed Apr 5 05:27:32 EDT 2006

And richard won this day's award for making sander laughing out loud 
because of a silly internet pic.
Great, the inventivity of some silly people on the net.
Great pic!

AudioGames.net schreef:
> Yes, "bleek" is the right dutch word!
> (http://members.optusnet.com.au/enchilada/tattyworld/bleek.jpg ?!??!?!)
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>>>>> maybe we'll all have a game accessibility conference at
>>>>>  a relaxation spa on some nice island and then we'll look more 
>>>>> awake in version two of the videos? Any votes
>>>>>  for location?
>>>> Mmm, I heard Costa Rica is nice... ;)
>>> I can second that...lived in Costa Rica for a semester as an
>>> exchange-student in high-school.  There's this nice hotel at
>>> the base of Volcan Arenal...an active volcano that has a
>>> great view at night (if it's not cloud-covered) as lava
>>> burps and boils out of the cone.  It heats the springs and
>>> pools owned by the hotel.  I'm not sure how much work would
>>> get done if everybody was just hangin' out in the water all
>>> day, but it's fun none the less...Very relaxing... :)
>> I knew we should have gone to Miami to rescue Richard and Sander from 
>> going to the wrong San Jose! Ok, so the GDC wouldn't have been as 
>> successful without us attending our sessions...
>> Ok so it's decided -- next GA SIG meeting is in San Jose -- the one 
>> in Costa Rica. Or at least we'll pretend we're all there. Anyone have 
>> any SPF 6000 that they could pass me for my ultra non-tan skin? Or 
>> "bleek" as the Dutch would say (is that it? did I learn another word 
>> for real?)
>> The GA SIG -- where all the best fun ideas come from! :)
>> Michelle
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