[games_access] GDC Presentation Richard and Sander

AudioGames.net richard at audiogames.net
Thu Apr 6 17:07:48 EDT 2006


I have just uploaded our GDC Powerpoint presentation on:


Since the presentation was already 9Mb big and because I think presentations 
are more than just text, I have included the media (sound, movies) that are 
part of the presentation. Only Drive and Sudo-San have not been included, 
since Drive is 120 Mb (and is also on the SIG-cd) and Sudo-San is an online 
game (which for the moment we do not want to distribute as an executable). 
Instead I have replaced the links so that they point towards the website. So 
the presentation is about 50 Mb in total. If there is anyone who would 
really really really like a text-only version than I might consider 
uploading one. This presentation-version is mostly meant for the SIG btw. 
We're going to make a version for the G-A.com website for public >>> I'm 
intending to provide several presentations (either ppoint or HTML)  through 
the G-A.com website, which can be used by teachers in their game design 
courses/lessons for students. Teaching material :)



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