[games_access] GDC Presentation Richard and Sander

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
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and Tom who is writing a gamasutra column about game accessibility 
legal stuff, which could serve easily as his summary from his 

oh and goran! who did a roundtable -- could just summarize the main 
highlights of the discussion(s) about pedagogy and gaming

mine will be up on the sig website as soon as i get the ftp address 
for that again -- then i'll move everyone's there so that it's also 
at a permanent location that we could point to from the wiki. you 
can, of course, keep your presentations on your own servers as well 
-- the gdc would just like us to have a central location where they 
are all also at. :)

also, please comment on the gdc tutorial day at:

and comment on the roundtables at: 

this will help us with future planning and such. :)

Thanks, Richard, for starting up the list of links to the presentations!


>(anyone I forgot?)
>*end quote*
>Kevin of course!
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>(for those still waiting)... presentation is now uploaded ok on:
>So to start a thread to collect all places where we can find all 
>Richard & Sander: 
>Barrie: ?
>Michelle: ?
>Thomas: ?
>Giannis: ?
>(anyone I forgot?)
>I'll upload some GDC pics in a moment...
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