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Cool! Thanks, Robert!
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  Below is any knowledge is cut from Bobby who fell me on the Internet he is a sea for quadriplegic and plays counterstrike first-person game with voice activation and sip and puff.  Check out his video on his download page the one that's as video I think there are two of them.  I just did they are great and I just e-mailed him back I'm hoping to start learning this technology so I can implemented in my game designs.

  "Hey Robert, 

  I came across your website while searching around the net for computer aided gamming equipment. I was also injured when I was 14 years old just only a few years earlier in 1984. I'm a quad C 3-4. I have been gamming since the late 90's but mainly on the PC. I have competed in online gamming for the few years. Counterstrike is the primary game I play and have competed in LAN tournaments and online gamming leagues. I'm in a clan that my brother and me started up about 5-6 years ago. I use two different head tracking devices which are the Tracker One from Madentec and the other is the SmartNAV from Naturalpoint. I also use two different sip and puff switches, WISP 2000 for the Tracker One and a sip and puff switch from Origin Instruments for the SmartNAV. To aid in extra keyboard buttons I use a voice activated program called Gamecommander 3. With these tools I can play pretty much any game made for the PC. I watched the video's on your site and must say that's pretty damn impressive. I have a few video's on my website of how I play PC games if you want to checkout at www.wudup.net , there in the download section. 

  I give you mad prop's for doing all you're doing. Keep it up!

  Bobby G"


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