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I checked out your web site and recognized Bobby G. He found me on the Internet searching game controllers and I noticed that you got a quote from him which is great.  He mentions me as well which is cool.  I just downloaded counterstrike and I'm going to download the commander software for voice dictating so now have and I can play this first-person shooters together something I haven't done ever really.  I just couldn't get around aiming the gun and running around the environment so this might be something breakthrough for me.  As a game design student I'm trying to learn as much as I can about game design the art Institute online and off so GDC gave me a student scholarship previously and Michelle was my mentor.

What an experience getting to know so many people here from this mailing list now personally instead of online and getting a hold of the accessibility environment so I feel a lot more comfortable putting together game design documents for proposals hopefully in the future.

It's great to have you participating finally I bet this letter goes out to a lot of people I would encourage a lot of people to start posting.  A great place for us all to keep in touch for specific areas such as physical disabled gamers is Richard and Sanders new forum site they have started and I am a moderator for gamers with physical disabilities. You mentioned you have similar abilities such as Bobby but not a spinal cord injury.  What a great effort putting together a web site with forums that is something I need to start doing myself and hopefully soon I'll update my web site with everything I've learned since GDC.

I'm working on a documentary video I'm hoping to finish by the middle of summer.  My experience at GDC and exposing the missing grounds in the market in the videogame industry.  Talking about gamers with disabilities.  Talk to more soon.  I can't wait to play against Bobby and meet others with similar disabilities and both of us had injuries at 14 years old so that's pretty significant.  Spinal cord injury.

AI online SGA President

arthit73 at cablespeed.com 

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