[games_access] Nolan Bushnell Quote

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Mon Apr 24 15:51:27 EDT 2006

Interesting quote from a recent speech Nolan Bushnell gave (founder of 


In 1982, he tells us, there were 44 million [US] gamers. Today, there are 18 
million. Where'd they all go? "Complexity lost the casual gamer," he says. 
"Violence lost the woman gamer." He ventures into Nintendo territory, even 
slamming the PS2 controller. "The 3D controller that Nintendo is on to is a 
very good idea," he says. "If you look at today's controller with triangles, 
Xs, squares and circles, it's scary. It's like a keyboard. People are 
interface phobic." 

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