[games_access] Statistics, Business Cases, and Cost/Benefit Analysis for Game Accessibility

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Thu Apr 27 15:55:53 EDT 2006

hey brannon,

yeah...that's been a trouble spot for a while as it's a bit of
a catch 22 -- if there are no accessible controllers,
interfaces, etc for console systems, then the number of
disabled console gamers is going to be pretty low. 

one thing we've been saying for a while is that often
accessibility features lead to better and/or more innovative
designs that work for everyone and framing things in that light.

is this a public whitepaper you are working on? the reason
that i ask is that we'll be ramping up work on the
accessibility book and this is something we will want to
address in that. so if that's something you're already working
on, then we'd definitely be interested in having you author a
section in the book on the business justifications for


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>Subject: [games_access] Statistics, Business Cases, and
Cost/Benefit Analysis for Game Accessibility  
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>   I'm currently in the process of putting together a
>   detailed paper with business justifications for
>   making video games accessible. I've been having a
>   really hard time finding statistics on disabled
>   console gamers, business cases for making accessible
>   games, or cost/benefit information on the sorts of
>   returns that can be provided by making a game
>   accessible and how they can offset the costs
>   associated.
>   Does anyone have any information they could steer me
>   to? This will be included in a white paper and I'm
>   obviously more than happy to cite my resources. J
>   Thanks,
>   Brannon
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