[games_access] Brighton Develop Conference

AudioGames.net richard at audiogames.net
Thu Apr 27 18:21:58 EDT 2006

K... interesting... that's why I couldn't find a link of this years GDC 
Europe... K.. wil discuss Brighton then ;)
Will get back at you.... when's the final deadline?

And err, Matthew (Atkinson)... are you coming too?



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> ahhh...well that certainly changes things! so sounds like
> develop brighton is the conference this year instead of gdc
> europe/london.
> so given that...now who is going to develop brighton? ;)
> barrie, jonathan, me...
> michelle
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>>>I think that GDC Europe is in late Sept/early october this
> year but
>>There is no GDC Europe this year. Instead, CMP are hosting a
> smaller scale
>>GDC London, in early October. My understanding is that it
> will be a single
>>day, single track affair - but I could be wrong. I've not
> made any progress
>>in getting content on the GDC London program so far.
>>Content wise, the IGDA is getting behind the Develop Brighton
> event. I'll
>>be attending and doing a lecture. We'll be hosting group
> gatherings and we
>>are managing a few other sessions...
>>Just FYI.
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