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Just wanted to post that...

- we have updated www.game-accessibility.com with more video footage related to game accessibility (with none other that rising stars: Dimitris, Giannis and The Hand Of Barrie). Please have a look around.
- on http://www.game-accessibility.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=79 we started a "What If..."- Photoshop challenge. Goal is to create some visuals of how ordinary controllers and consoles would have looked if they were designed just for One Switch Games. Although mostly for fun and as a creative outlet, the image of for instance a One Switch GameBoy might help developers imagine and think about the subject. So if you want to participate or just watch some crazy one-switch controllers, have a look!
- Nintendo have released a game called Sound Voyager, which consist of 7 (!) mini audio games. This is a great development, because it means more games for people with a visual disability. Although these games were not developed with accessibility in mind (and interface-elements such as score *might* - I'm waiting for my copy now - not be accessible), the gameplay is based on sound and therefore accessible for everyone who can hear. Therefore this is another milestone in the history of audio gaming. You can find more information here: http://www.audiogames.net/db.php?action=view&id=SoundVoyager


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