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Oh, and please be sure to check out the new Project Stuff page (we will rename it though):


Please use these banners to link to us... we will add some new banners next week...

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  We have an exciting update on http://www.game-accessibility.com. Today we added some new functionality to the site that makes it possible that others can also post news on http://www.game-accessibility.com and that everyone can automatically discuss the news items. It works like this:

  > We have added a new forum to the GA.com forum, named News Forum (http://www.game-accessibility.com/forum/viewforum.php?id=14)
  > Whenever a new topic is posted in this forum, it is automatically converted into a news-item on the homepage (http://www.game-accessibility.com/) and the news-page (http://www.game-accessibility.com/index.php?pagefile=news).
  > By clicking the accompanied link visitors are transferred to the forum where they can discuss each news-item.

  At the moment only the current administrators of the Forum (Barrie, Michelle, Robert, Reid, Sander and I) are able to post news to the site. This is because we know all of you and we guess you don't immediately start spamming our website with advertisements for septic tanks and erotic furniture (but we could always be wrong of course - why again wasn't Michelle allowed to board the plane...? ;) ). 

  So whenever you have a news item or something of interest for the website or whatever slightly related to games and accessibility, please post it on the website. If all goes well we are willing to increase the numbers of users that are allowed to post news on the website. The thought has always been to have a community website so we welcome your community input :)

  Please tell us what you think!



  ps: we're still working on the CSS so font sizes and spacing and stuff like that is still under construction...


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