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Check this out everyone a friend of mine one of the skull are students I've
met this year at GDC, from Holland I believe requested from myself a letter
or story that I wrote myself about all my efforts and the efforts we've been
doing, together in this group, my story and how truly passionate I am about
making accessible games and letting people know about this new revolution.


I'm trying to get the English version translated he's doing that for me I'm
hoping they could link to it all the web site also but regardless I'll put
it on my web site the English version.  Soon as she translates it but it's
probably just what I wrote I will season.


Recently for me through all these news articles television and so on with
Jay Gibbons, being in the news a fan of his called me by surprise.  He has
his own video game company, Flavor Grenade Studios.


A small company but were friends now and share the same team favorite
player, have other things in common and wants me to work with him on the two
new team splitting up and open to making a game totally accessible.  We
should be in the next month hopefully get to work with him soon.  Actually a
developer there.  But I have to see I still have a quarter left of full core
classes wanted game design which will put me past September ending in
December.  Thanks.


I really would like us all to if we can focus energy all this company if we
actually to start doing things to put press releases out and ideas how to
let everyone know about this company that is actually going to do, something
accessible specifically designed game play for that reason.  Unheard of.
I'm crossing my fingers but truly made a connection I think it's going to go
through at least working with them.  Article below.





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