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Wed Feb 1 17:08:10 EST 2006

hey thomas -- thanks so much for doing this -- it's a GREAT
help! see you friday!


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>Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 22:40:19 +0100
>From: "Thomas Westin" <thomas at pininteractive.com>  
>Subject: [games_access] compile done...  
>To: "IGDA Games Accessibility SIG Mailing List"
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>Cc: goran.lange at mmedu.net
>   Hi all,
>   I have finally catched up with all your e-mails in
>   January on this list. When doing so I have tried to
>   compile all the things and ideas that popped up on
>   this list (minus the long t-shirt discussion) into a
>   document which I'm now putting onto our wiki, you
>   find it linked below
>   Please Note: I have tried to categorize the ideas
>   into three main sections to make it a bit easier to
>   sort out; please forgive me if you feel that some of
>   it is labeled wrong. After all it's a wiki so go
>   edit :)
>   I think that all those ideas are a great resource
>   for us all when planning for our presentations.
>   A few things for the Friday meeting which I can
>   think of:
>   * I think we need to meet somewhere with you all on
>   Sunday March 19; talk about practical stuff, learn
>   to know each other a bit better and just get in sync
>   of what we need to do. I and Göran Lange will be
>   arriving to San José on Sunday March 19. About
>   16.00 I'd guess.
>   We'll be staying at the following hotel, I have no
>   idea how close to the conference it is, it was just
>   cheap enough :)
>   (copy-paste from the travel agent, sorry for the
>   capital letters!)
>   ADDR:   875 N 13TH STREET
>   SAN JOSE, CA 95112  
>   TELEPHONE:  -(408)287-9380
>   * from the list I have compiled at the wiki, should
>   we divide it into different parts and assign it to
>   each speaker - just to avoid that we all include
>   statistics into our speeches :)
>   * The CD: We need
>   - a deadline for submitting stuff, I'd prefer at
>   least one week before GDC, i.e March 13?
>   - decide how many records to burn, would 100 be
>   enough?
>   - for the sponsoring, I can offer my company to
>   sponsor it, if all of you are cool with having a
>   text "CD sponsored by Pin Interactive" on it?
>   * the t-shirt
>   If this hasn't been decided yet, I'd say that we let
>   Michelle decide - democracy is good but it is a
>   sloow process
>   * a password protected wiki
>   - do we still need this? Let me know and I'll
>   configure it
>   * the top-10 list
>   - just decide who will print it as a handout; is
>   there anything else to think about?
>   Kind regards,
>   Thomas
>   9 years of development and education with
>   Adobe/Macromedia Director
>   Award at the Independent Games Festival:
>   www.terraformers.nu
>   Founder of IGDA Game Accessibility SIG
>   www.igda.org/accessibility
>   http://www.pininteractive.com
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