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Thomas I just downloaded the demo of your game that won the award in 2003.  I believe we have talked before in the past and might have e-mailed you finding your company online.  You create games for people with visual impairment mostly.  I'm very interested in your project using the biofeedback for stroke therapy at the Karolinska Hospital.  Could you let me know a little bit more about that I think I'd like to get involved with more hospitals in their physical rehab and spinal cord programs were I am mostly familiar.  How does that come about obviously you've got programmers to make your games with 3-D map and all that.  Did you  designed everything with a design development team for the game you one and award with as well?  I would love to work with you in the future or in the present possibly as a intern for my intern requirement with school at the Art Institute online game design program.  We could talk more about this at the conference if you're going to be there or personally on e-mail if you wish?  This is so exciting for me this forum and having access as a student you guys can fill me in and really keep my involved.

On another note the disability sig is going to have one day of tutoring or some sort of interactive lectures the separate?  Not remember exactly what it's called.  What does that involve exactly and how can I sign up for it before hand?  I'm checking out flight plans and need to make wheelchair transportation and lodging very soon if I get a scholarship.

The videogame  Teraformers has very much potential and I believe this is the game I found online a few years ago before starting classes.  There are a lot of issues I would like to tweak and I think it could be better for me because it was difficult for me even to use my onscreen keyboard it does not interact.  Fortunately it still stayed on the screen but I could not walk around.  I believe it was still developed for people who are blind who has the sensation movement in their fingers which definitely makes it easier and easier to get into the feel and subversion of videogame.  I believe it's very successful for those gamers .

I would love to develop a game using all voice activation similar to the game lifeline for the PS2 I am reviewing right now.


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