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hinn at uiuc.edu hinn at uiuc.edu
Sat Feb 11 21:01:52 EST 2006

Hi everyone,

So I've gotten a fair bit of email indicating that there's
some confusion with who is officially going to GDC, where the
meeting transcripts are, what is due to who when, etc

First, the meeting transcripts (and these are JUST the
transcripts, no summary) will be posted on our wiki after the
meetings at http://www.igda.org/wiki/index.php/GASIG_Meetings

If you miss a meeting, you can read through the transcript to
see what happened. I have the transcripts up from 3 Feb and 6
Feb -- as you know I couldn't attend 8 feb or 10 feb so if
anyone has the transcripts from those meetings, feel free to
post them up on the wiki.

Second, the official list of who is presenting (for purposes
of showing your company/university proof that you are a
presenter) is at the GDC site at

The wiki site is NOT the official conference website -- it is
our working space for now and then after the conference it
will be a place where people can look up our powerpoint
presentations, notes, etc. 

Third, these are the people officially presenting at the GDC
tutorial:  Michelle Hinn, Thomas Westin, Kevin Bierre, Reid
Kimball, Goran Lange, Tom Buscaglia, Richard Van Tol, Sander
Huiberts, Dimitris Grammenos, Maureen Geoghegan, Kasey Bryant,
Matthew T. Atkinson, Eric Walker. If you are one of these
people and have recieved NOTHING from the conference people
(ie, emails about where the speaker's room is, information
about faxing this and that), please let me know immediately.
They may not have your correct contact info (phone and email).

Fourth, when you get emails from the GDC about handout due
dates, etc, don't panic. We are ALL recieving these and I'm
handling the tech request forms, etc. For the tutorial
handout, it's going to be short and sweet since we are
pointing people who attend to the wiki, which after the
conference will have been completed and have all our notes,
powerpoint files, videos, etc.

Finally, the wiki site for the tutorial PLANNING is at
http://www.igda.org/wiki/index.php/GDC_2006_Tutorial -- it is
far from complete and everyone is welcome to add to it and add
suggestions. It's just a way to keep everyone as up to date as
possible about things but, again, it's far from complete and
I'm tweaking it right now even as I compose this email :) But
as I said before, you should probably not use this as evidence
that you are a speaker at GDC because it's not related AT ALL
to the GDC. Instead, use the GDC website as evidence for
reimbursement purposes, etc.

So I hope that answers most of the questions that I've been
asked in the last few days. :)

Keep up the great work everyone -- I just wanted to make sure
that everyone was on the same page.

Don't forget -- meeting this monday, 13 feb at 12noon (new
york time -- the same time we always meet) on MSN. I'll be
there for sure this monday so look for my MSN id --
vrgrrl at hotmail -- if you've never attended before. Because
we're mainly focused on GDC, we'll mostly be talking about GDC
so please don't be offended if we seem to be very one-tracked
at the meetings. After GDC we'll have more time to breathe and
talk about more general topics!

these are mediocre times and people are 
losing hope. it's hard for many people 
to believe that there are extraordinary 
things inside themselves, as well as 
others. i hope you can keep an open 
 -- "unbreakable"

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