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Re: [games_access] Netmeeting today?Thanks! I posted this today on several blind gaming lists and on our forum:


If you *EVER* wanted to be heard by the professional game industry, *THIS IS 

As some of you may have read on the AudioGames.net forum[1], Sander and I 
(AudioGames.net) are speaking at this year's Game Developer's Conference in 
San José. This is the *BIGGEST* game developers conference in the world. Not 
only will we be attending this conference (where we collaborate with the 
Game Accessibility Special Interest Group - 
http://www.igda.org/accessibility), but we are also participating in the 
Game Accessibility project in which we are building a knowledge reservoir 
about accessible gaming for gamers with a handicap and developers, students, 
researchers, publishers, etc. The website is to feature articles and other 
material on accessible gaming, as well as a community place for everyone 
interested in the subject of making computer games more accessible for 
gamers with a handicap.

If you want game developers to take you *SERIOUS*, now is the time to make 
yourself heard! The idea is to collect as many stories of visually impaired 
gamers as possible. From the stories I heard and read on this list, our 
forum and through emails, there are *many* blind gamers that have a 
opinions, wishes, ideas, etc. they would like to communicate to the 
professional game industry. Some of you have sent emails to companies in the 
past, often without ever receiving a reply.
Unfortunately there are many many many many many people in the industry that 
have never even thought of blind people playing games. And even if they do, 
most of them then think: "blind people can't play games, because they are 
blind" and fail to start that imagination process. That's why I feel it's 
neccesary to provide easy reading material that describes personal blind 
gaming experiences. The first step is always trying to get the person 
(developer, researcher, student, publisher, whoever) to imagine what's it 
like to game while not being able to see (well). And convincing them that 
many blind people have a good understanding of what gaming is too. Several 
of the gamers on this list used to have sight earlier in life and played 
regular video games. So many blind gamers originally know what video gaming 
is about. Now it is time to let the industry know what blind gaming is 

We would like to ask everyone to send us your personal gaming experiences 
and get yourself heard by the professional gaming industry. Please write 
down a bit about yourself (for instance if you are partially blind, your 
age, nationality if you want to, etc.), about any video games you used to 
play or any consoles you have/had, games you like to play now (audio games, 
online games, RPG's, etc.), your point of view on gaming, the game industry, 
etc. etc. etc. Please write down what (type of) games you would like to 
play, what you think of the professional game industry, etc. The goal is to 
give developers and researchers insight of your experiences and wishes and 
*to help them imagine*.

This is the goal:

- collect all your stories in one page on the Game Accessibility project 
website (providing a permanent spot);
- put all your stories on the GA-SIG cd that will be handed out at this 
year's GDC.

Please submit your story (anonymously) through our Contact Form: 
http://www.audiogames.net/contact.php .
You can also post your story on the AudioGames.net forum: 
http://forum.audiogames.net/viewtopic.php?id=527 (note that you need a free 
login to use the forum)
All stories will be considered anonymously unless requested otherwise.

Please forward this message to anyone you might is interested. Get heard!




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  Hi Richard,

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    When is the deadline for the CD? I currently have the opportunity to get many blind gamers to write down their experiences about being blind and playing games through AudioGames.net. This is an idea we already wanted to do for the Game Accessibility project/website. But the stories would also make a nice addition to the CD for the GDC and/or in printed form as handouts for the GDC.




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