[games_access] GA Sig meeting Wednesday (that's today for many/most of us!)

Tim Chase agdev at thechases.com
Wed Feb 22 03:58:34 EST 2006

> You post it time stamped 1:12 AM on the 22nd.  So, when
> you say tomorrow do you mean the Thursday the 23rd?  or
> the Wednesday the 22nd?

I think you're thinking too much like one of these:

> Thomas H. Buscaglia, Esquire
> The Game Attorney

and not like a frazzled grad student :)

I suspect she meant "tommorow" as in "after I get some sleep
after today which has already been too long and flowed past
the midnight mark" :) ...thus making it today/Wednesday, as
listed in the subject heading.

a little ribbing, all in good fun, you know ;)


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