[games_access] GDC 2006 date

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Thu Feb 23 14:26:00 EST 2006

Yes, the video will be shown at the tutorial during the
mobility disabilities section, as Barrie wrote.

The other two sessions that you are talking about Robert are
the roundtables -- these sessions are informal (ie, no lecture
more discussion) and we'll be focusing on the top ten list
that Tim was in charge of compiling. Those sessions are repeat
sessions -- ie, most all of the roundtable sessions appear
twice in the program so you don't typically get the same
people at both sessions.


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>   I'm hoping it will be okay to show it in the part
>   Eric Walker will be presenting on Physical
>   disabilities on Monday the 20th of March, presently
>   scheduled for 4:15-5pm. I'm not sure where you have
>   got the other dates for Robert. Check this link:
>   http://www.cmpevents.com/GD06/a.asp?option=C&V=11&SessID=1903
>   Cheers,
>   Barrie
>   www.OneSwitch.org.uk
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>     Subject: [games_access] brain fingers on CD?
>     Meeting for dinner?
>     Thomas are we going to be given CDs with different
>     applications or accessible games available?  I
>     actually spoke with the creator of the brain
>     fingers headband strap if that's what you're
>     talking about.  I saw an article on the Discovery
>     Channel and got ahold of this guy and he went on
>     and on about something that could really keep up
>     but was hopeful that some company would pick up
>     his idea in the manufacture and a much cheaper
>     cost for everyone.  So with that in mind I
>     definitely want to use this technology in my
>     company when when I get a chance to start it.
>     If you which event are you showing my video of me
>     playing my mouth controller at is it the March 24
>     9 a.m. to 10 a.m. or the March 22  9 a.m. to 10
>     a.m?  Just for reference are those the only two
>     events for the accessibility group but I wouldn't
>     imagine so?  I know about the tutorials I can not
>     attend that but how about the other days?
>     If you all are meeting some time for lunch or
>     dinner could you let me know when and if it will
>     be an accessible place near the convention center
>     I'd love to hang out if I can?
>     Robert Florio
>     www.RobertFlorio.com all about art and game
>     accessibility
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