[games_access] igda GDC conference scholarship winners. Including Robert Florio.

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sat Feb 25 12:42:36 EST 2006

Hey Robert -- congrats again! I got Rudy's email this morning and 
I'll write more later. I'll give you my plan of which sessions I'm 
planning to be at during GDC, etc. BTW, I asked the IGDA executive 
director, Jason Della Rocca, if there might be accessible seating 
during the awards ceremony on Wednesday night and GDC agreed to set 
aside a table for those with wheelchairs. There's also going to be an 
accessible entrance:

Enter from the front entrance, east side (towards Montgomery 
Theater/Market St) has a ramp and push pad at the doors for automatic 
door opening.

Yes, this is the first time that the sig has had a student involved 
who has received a student scholarship! And, you're right, it just 
might be the first time the IGDA has awarded a scholarship to a 
student with a disability. And know this -- this was not influenced 
by either me or the IGDA executive director. This scholarship was 
awarded ENTIRELY on your own merits by the judging committee. So know 
that you got the scholarship because of your excellent application! :)

Best of luck raising some more money!! Let us know if there are any 
ways that we can help out!

Chair, IGDA Game Accessibility SIG

>Hello everyone as you might not have met me before I've been 
>involved with this accessibility forum for a little while now but 
>not too long but I want to share that the IGDA awarded 25 
>scholarship winners to the game design conference in San Jose and I 
>was selected as one of the game design students.  I believe I am the 
>first Art Institute online student to be chosen for this award 
>looking at the people awarded from the link below.  I look forward 
>to meeting up with Michelle Hinn to plan with her the best strategy 
>to benefit me at the conference.  This is a really good 
>arrangement and perhaps the first for a game design student with a 
>disability and part of the accessibility sig I bet this might be a 
>first for you guys but I'm not sure.  I look forward to visiting as 
>many opportunities I can.  Thanks everyone for the incredible 
>environment here.  Now I have to finish up some homework save up and 
>hopefully get a good deal on a laptop before I leave.
>The local sports radio station for Baltimore Orioles Steve Davis, 
>who recently did a television interview about me and my friend 
>Oriole Jay Gibbons, is helping me with some expenses on the trip 
>getting a laptop through perhaps a donation from best buy to help me 
>out to get to the conference.
>Scholarship awardees.
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