[games_access] Re: igda GDC conference scholarship winners. Including Robert Florio.

Reid Kimball rkimball at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 21:08:36 EST 2006

Congrats Robert, I am looking forward to meeting you. :)


On 2/25/06, Thomas H. Buscaglia <thb at gameattorney.com> wrote:
> Way to go Robert...see you there!
> Tom B
> At 12:27 PM 2/25/2006, you wrote:
> >Hello everyone as you might not have met me
> >before I've been involved with this
> >accessibility forum for a little while now but
> >not too long but I want to share that the IGDA
> >awarded 25 scholarship winners to the game
> >design conference in San Jose and I was selected
> >as one of the game design students.  I believe I
> >am the first Art Institute online student to be
> >chosen for this award looking at the people
> >awarded from the link below.  I look forward to
> >meeting up with Michelle Hinn to plan with her
> >the best strategy to benefit me at the
> >conference.  This is a really good arrangement
> >and perhaps the first for a game design student
> >with a disability and part of the accessibility
> >sig I bet this might be a first for you guys but
> >I'm not sure.  I look forward to visiting as
> >many opportunities I can.  Thanks everyone for
> >the incredible environment here.  Now I have to
> >finish up some homework save up and hopefully
> >get a good deal on a laptop before I leave.
> >
> >The local sports radio station for Baltimore
> >Orioles Steve Davis, who recently did a
> >television interview about me and my friend
> >Oriole Jay Gibbons, is helping me with some
> >expenses on the trip getting a laptop through
> >perhaps a donation from best buy to help me out to get to the conference.
> >
> >Sincerely.
> >Robert
> >
> ><http://www.RobertFlorio.com>www.RobertFlorio.com
> >
> >
> >Scholarship awardees.
> ><http://www.igda.org/scholarships/recipients.php>http://www.igda.org/scholarships/recipients.php
> >....
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