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Tue Jan 10 16:56:34 EST 2006

I agree -- I like the weathered look too -- I keep seeing that
on all kinds of tshirts -- it's the latest rage. :)

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>> Here's some stuff I've been busy with for the Game
>> project: http://www.audiogames.net/aglogs/galogo.jpg and 
>> http://www.audiogames.net/aglogs/gafiller003.jpg (will dig
up more next 
>> week). I believe it was on this list (or at least on the
AGDev list) 
>> several of us were thinking about such a design and came up
with ideas 
>> like: "pacman with a cane", "space invaders with text
balloon", "gamepad 
>> with accessibility icons", etc. 
>I like the "weathered" look of that first one.  My drafts when I 
>first started playing with ideas can be found at:
>Consider 'em public domain, from my SVG editor to you :)
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