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Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
Wed Jan 11 10:27:13 EST 2006

Thanks for circulating this photograph on my web site you can see the exact controller I use also from the link I believe Michel provided.  By the way was that link  set up through the accessibility forum igdn?  Anyways I see a high potential for this controller and others like it even with the kid using the one controller on the right and the Xbox controller on the left I imagine he gets frustrated because it still might not be exactly the way it should be for him because honestly our fingers can do so much they give us access to everything.  I don't think it exactly needs to be just controllers that make games accessible the games need to be wired for the controller's and many different controllers.

I think one stressed top 10 list for the conference for developers would be taking their games control options menu able to rearrange and combined buttons and controls for any controller that can be set up as combos or certain different arrangements for actions.  That would help me with the quad control joystick I use.  I just started classes again yesterday now studying advance 2d animation for games now and also advanced storyboard rendering.  Very cool classes.  By the way they might have been some confusion when I brought up my situation and things that work for me successfully in games and don't that the C4 injury is a quadriplegic of the spinal cord injury which is what I am.

Christopher Reeves previous doctor Dr. McDonald started a program in Baltimore for spinal cord injured patients to maximize their strength in whatever muscle function they have.  After my evaluation by Dr. is highly excited about my ambition and truly wants me to help her develop games for her patients so this is a great step in the right direction assuring my faith in my ambitions that this truly is a need.  Not only did I experience this firsthand but many doctors have told me so.  Again I so much hope I get to that conference.  The accessibility conference should be great I looked over the review set up by Michel I hope my video on my site can be used and I can be there may be to give some pointers and be able to talk.  Checkout the link below to the controller's web site.

Thank you Tim for the link to the Web page with accessible games.  I have to checkout more of them but one of them I tried was space invaders but it was all in Chinese.  That was funny.

www.RobertFlorio.com all about art and videogame accessibility.

My friend at quad control the designs my controllers hopefully is working on a controller for the new systems PS 3 and Xbox 360.  Last time I spoke with him he said it would take him a year to develop it because of the wireless controller but I believe the Xbox also has a wire controller adapted just like the previous system.  I'd be curious to find out what he says now but his biggest recommendation was games need to be able to rearrange button controls which I suggested above.  Most likely for that controller specifically.

Checkout the link that Michel provides to her discussions brain fingers is an excellent strap around the head that allows players to control characters with their mind.  After a Discovery Channel special on brain fingers I contacted the inventor of the system a few years ago he was working on a deal to make it available to all consuls but I don't know much more after that.  It is something I'm going to look into it needs to be used.
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