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Wed Jan 11 12:19:15 EST 2006

Hi again,

After posting the article on the World's Best Blind Gamer I had a thought. Some years ago we had a project here in Holland called "Drempels Weg", which focused on promoting web accessibility. It ran for about 4-5 years. One interesting thing about the project is that they used "web accessibility ambassadeurs". These were 4 people, each representing one of the target groups of the DW-project. So one was blind, one was deaf, etc. Throughout the year these ambassadeurs used to show up at meetings and television programs and thus became 'the face' of the project.

Although we're still a relatively small, unfunded, international bunch of enthousiasts (I mean this is the best positive way possible :), we might consider a similar idea. For instance, Brice Mellen (the 17 yr old blind gamer) has received a massive amount of attention (http://www.google.nl/search?hl=nl&q=%22Brice+Mellen%22&meta=). Why not try to get in contact with him and see if he would like to assist us with promoting and researching game accessibility. I read in an interview that when he graduates from college he wants to become a game designer...


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