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Sat Jan 14 15:10:44 EST 2006

I guess I'm not a huge fan of the wheelchair with a game
joystick on it but if it settles the issue so that we can get
the tshirts made, then ok, let's do it!

I can't remember who mentioned checking for game characters
that might not have as many copyright restrictions on it --
sorry I'm still pretty loopy from the surgery and the meds --
but I think that if we could use a popular game character,
that would be great.


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>Why not the wheelchair with a game joystick or game pad
>Seems to be the least problimatic icon design yet.
>On 1/11/06, hinn at uiuc.edu <hinn at uiuc.edu> wrote:
>> >> What I'm trying to say is that we should avoid to make
>> accessibility
>> >> featured games into a stigma by having a logo that looks
>> like a
>> >> wheelchair, cane or whatever. Although those symbols might
>> be good in the
>> >> short run I think in the long run, we should have a less
>> "disability"
>> >> oriented logo, and focus on enabling gamers of all kinds to
>> have a great
>> >> game experience. I (we?) want the game industry to
>> understand that game
>> >> accessibility is for everyone.
>> >
>> >
>> >Hmm. In the UK and most of Europe, my understanding is the
>> standard white on
>> >blue symbol of a wheelchair user is of an "Accessible"
>> feature. E.g. an
>> >accessible toilet, or more accessible parking space. There's
>> no stigma
>> >attached to this symbol in the UK to my mind. It's not
>> flawless, but I think
>> >it's widely understood.
>> Yes, in the US we use the same symbol. What you are saying,
>> Barrie, reminds me of my trip to Taipei last summer. In Taiwan
>> public toilets are, uh, in the floor rather than a chair-like
>> toilet. So for many of us Westerners who did not know how to
>> use such a toilet, we used the accessible toilets at first --
>> so for us, being non-Eastern resulted in our needing an
>> accessibility "feature." Just a reminder of cultural
>> differences! :)
>> >As for the T-shirts - I'm not overly worried personally, and
>> to get
>> >something done fairly soon would be best in my oppinion.
>> However, I still
>> >think there should be a pictorial element ideally. There may
>> be dyslexic,
>> >learning disabled, and/or non-English speaking people you
>> walk pass.
>> >Something in pictures would be more likely to grab more
>> people's interest.
>> >(also, all fonts should be easy to read on accompanying text).
>> Well, that's why I'm still wondering why we couldn't have a
>> game character in a wheelchair -- the wheelchair is more of a
>> universal symbol and adding a game character would, I think,
>> be a good visual. Maybe, and I know that "game not over" is a
>> popular phrase, we just have a simple visual and "game
>> accessibility" on the shirt?
>> Legally, yeah, depending on who sponsors the shirts...we might
>> not be able to get away with pac man at all...but it would
>> still be cool. :)
>> Oy...who knew this would get so complicated!!!
>> Michelle
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