[games_access] from wheelchair perspective. Inaccessible arcades.

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Sun Jan 15 20:20:46 EST 2006

Yeah, I agree -- we're not going to find the perfect "one
design fits all" tshirt logo -- and, really, some of the stuff
we're trying to say we will be saying at the GDC -- the
tutorial day, the roundtables, the meet n greet.

Game not over is our rallying cry to say that the games aren't
"done" until we've made strides in making them accessible to
"more" -- we may never get "accessible to all" but we can try
to come as close as we can.

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Inaccessible arcades.  
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>   A T-shirt that says it all......an interesting
>   concept....but is it totally possible?
>   There is so much that needs to be said, can be said,
>   should be said.  But to find one symbol, one logo
>   that says it all may not be possible in the time
>   constraints you are racing against.
>   Until there is gaming for all, the game is not over.
>   J
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