[games_access] T-shirt concept "accessibility for all"

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I know Metallica but never heard of the Pledge.. what band is that?



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>>> Although...my US-centric brain just reminded me that maybe not
>>> everyone will get the riff on "and liberty and justice for
> all"?
>>Those that don't know the US-centric significance of the phrase 
>>are equally likely to simply think of it as a reference to the 
>>Metallica album :)
> Hmm. Either there's a lot of world wide Metallica fans or a
> lot of people that know the US Pledge of Allegence. Or maybe
> that's those who like Metallica in other parts of the world
> also don't know the US Pledge. Possibly there's...
> Hehe. Ok, let me stir that pot a bit more...
> Michelle
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